The Patent Counsel Law Group

Specializing in Protection, Management and Monetization of Intellectual Property Portfolios


"Big ideas invariably involve the cooperation of many minds, or they are no better than dreams."1 

Big ideas require more than just genius and perspiration. For successful companies, inventive ideas require a business strategy and an attorney who understands how to protect their creative genius and profit from it. 

Our Mission

In today's economy, Intellectual Property often is a company's most valuable asset. An oversight in IP portfolio management can turn into a costly mistake killing the company's high potential.

Our mission is to assist our clients in providing the broadest protection, effective management and full strategic and monetary utilization for their IP capital. 

Our Philosophy

Drawing upon over 20 years of the unique combination of corporate engineering, large law firm and in-house legal experience, we counsel on Intellectual Property matters from an inside perspective.

Our values are relentless work ethic, cost-effectiveness, fast turn around, incredible flexibility, and the ability to take on complex and novel matters.

We are qualified problem solvers who bring superior patent prosecution, transactional and IP portfolio management skills, sound business judgment and strong technical knowledge. We help our clients do it right from the beginning to the end.

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