The Patent Counsel Law Group

Specializing in Protection, Management and Monetization of Intellectual Property Portfolios


Ask yourself:

  • Does your IP portfolio advance your company's business goals?

  • Do you want to increase the flow of patentable inventions?
  • Is your Patent Review Committee efficient?

  • Is your company's confidential information adequately protected?

  • Do you know how to assess the value of IP portfolio in M&A?

  • Do you know how to identify strategically important patents and dispose unimportant IP?

  • Have you established licensing goals to fully monetize your portfolio?
  • Is your R&D adequately trained to avoid infringing 3rd parties' patents?

  • Do you know how to monitor the IP activities of your competitors?

  • Are you prepared to effectively divert their attempts to invalidate your patents?

  • Do you have strategies for defending your IP rights without litigation?

  • Do you know what actions and when to take in response to infringement?