The Patent Counsel Law Group

Specializing in Protection, Management and Monetization of Intellectual Property Portfolios


Our difference is in the inside perspective

Having worked in large law firms, in-house and corporate leadership positions, we understand the complexities of your business: You won't need to explain. We formulate IP strategy that is aligned with your business objectives. Our clients depend on our economic and business acumen to guide their decisions. We:
  • render IP legal support on all stages of product development
  • work closely witih Engineering to mine patentable inventions
  • advise on strategic alliances, in-bound and out-bound licensing
  • provide a full range of patent prosecution work
  • direct portfolio development and management
  • mitigate risk of litigation 
  • educate engineering teams
  • assist in achieving maximum IP portfolio utilizaton and monetization 

We speak your language

We pride ourselves on not only knowing IP law, but also understanding our clients' technologies. Our technical expertise in Physics, Electronics and Mechanical Engineering allows us to work effectively with engineering clients on all organizational levels. What makes us different is the unique combinaton of more than 20 years in engineering, law firm and senior in-house positions at high technology companies. This experience informs everything we do and leads to a more practical, efficient, and business-focused approach to IP.

Our attention is focused on your needs


The volume of your work may be overwhelming, but it doesn't add up to support an additional attorney in the office. A patent attorney coming to your office if only one day a week can make a difference in your workload and bottom line results. We are accessible, proactive, and efficient. Our counsel is frank and direct. We advise on complex IP issues in a clear and understandable way. Our turn-around time is short, we respond to all calls promptly and keep you continuously apprised on matters that we handle for you.

We accommodate your budget

We are sensitive to the budget considerations of growing companies. Our hourly rates are significantly (30-50%) lower than those of IP boutiques for similar legal services. We maintain low rates by keeping our overhead low. Another distinguishing PCLG feature is that we offer individualized attention of an experienced patent attorney. While we handle matters cost-effectively, we do not sacrifice quality and provide our clients with the highest level of legal expertise.