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Specializing in Protection, Management and Monetization of Intellectual Property Portfolios


  “I first met Sofia when I hired her at Sanmina-SCI as a Corporate Director of IP and Licensing. Two years later, when she left the Company for another job, she had increased the breadth and value of our IP portfolio and implemented a strategy to protect and maintain its value. Sofia was a significant resource to our Company in the matters of technology licensing and support against patent litigation. She also helped out with the intellectual property due diligence for our acquisitions involving IP. Her broad technical background allowed her to assist the engineers and managers in our Company in making strategic IP decisions.

Sofia was a team player and when working with subordinates, was able to inspire them for the best performance. I'm convinced that she will be as great asset to her clients as she has been to our Company. I recommend using Sofia in licensing matters, patent/trademark prosecution matters and general IP strategic counseling.” February 14, 2011

Steven Jackman
Vice President & Corporate Counsel, Sanmina-SCI Corporation
managed Sophia at Sanmina-SCI

♦  “I have worked on several projects with Sofia Zaslavsky relating to intellectual property matters. Sofia did considerable  research and drafted language for several of my projects.
She is able to grasp the issues quickly and does an excellent job in putting together a well crafted presentation of the facts and conclusions. In addition to her excellent legal writing and communication skills, she is a highly intelligent and skilled intellectual property lawyer and a very pleasant person.
I would not hesitate to engage her in future projects.” January 17, 2011

Top qualities:
Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Irving Rappaport
Managing Director at IP Checkups Inc.

Owner Expert Witness and Strategic IP Consulting

hired Sophia as a Attorney in 2010, and hired Sophia more than once


♦  “It was my pleasure to work with Sofia Zaslavsky when she was the Director of IP and Licensing at Sanmina-SCI. Her multidisciplinary approach to IP management included a deep understanding of Sanmina's technologies, a fundamental grasp of Sanmina's business goals and an excellent knowledge of U.S. and foreign patent laws. She is a dedicated IP manager who couples an extraordinary attention to detail with the ability to keep the big picture in mind.” November 15, 2010

Paul Hickman
Partner, Perkins Coie LLP
was a consultant or contractor to Sophia at Sanmina-SCI